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Ebony Karungali mala is a traditional necklace with 108 beads woven of dark-colored ebony wood to appease Lord Shani (Saturn). This unique practice offers numerous medicinal benefits.

Wearing a black ebony bracelet can help one let go of anger, hostility, and rage, strengthen souls, and heal diseases if worn regularly.


Ebony Karungali Mala is an exquisite spiritual accessory designed to complement any outfit. Crafted from wood from the Ebony tree, known for its strength and durability; Ebony also absorbs and stores supernatural energies ensuring good vibes are always with you.

This bracelet is a prayer bead necklace made of ebony wood to represent Lord Shani (Saturn). Its purpose is to appease this planet-deity while also seeking his blessings for blessings from life on Earth. Furthermore, its beads may also help with chanting mantras or meditation practices.

Karungali.co.in was established in 2019 as a leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter and wholesaeler of Karungali Katai Ebony Black Wood Pooja Sticks. Our Pooja Sticks are hand carved from genuine Karungali wood and packed in bubble packaging – an invaluable aid for healers, dowsers and Tarot Card Predictor to stimulate third eye power for healing or prediction purposes.

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    The Karungali bracelet is composed of black ebony beads strung together on elastic thread and finished off with silver flower caps for an eye-catching finish. Ideal for women and men alike, these natural ebony beads have healing powers as well as protection against negative energies – making this piece the ideal addition to everyday wear!


    Besides its practical uses, the karungali can also serve as a spiritual accessory that promotes prosperity and success. According to myth, its presence can foster career advancement, avoid cash shortages, eliminate depression anxiety laziness fear while helping you let go of anger, rage or illusions.

    Karungali.co.in was established in 2019 as a leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter, and wholesaeler of Karungali Katai Ebony Black wood Malas for use in meditation and prayer practices as well as by healers, dowsers and Tarot card predictioners to stimulate third eye stimulation while amplifying universal energy.


    Ebony wood is a dense, dark material commonly used to fashion idols of Hindu gods and goddesses, reflecting India’s cultural diversity while adding beauty and detail to any home or garden. Furthermore, they’re highly resilient against strong winds, rainfalls or any other extreme weather conditions – perfect additions for India.

    This karungali mala is handcrafted from dark-colored ebony wood (Diospyros genus). Ebony wood has long been revered for its medicinal and protective properties; it symbolizes power, purity, balance, absorption of electromagnetic radiation waves and spiritual wellbeing.

    Tradition dictates that wearing this amulet to please Lord Shani and seek his blessings is done so in order to relieve financial shortages, bring peace of mind, overcome barriers that impede victory, eliminate depression, laziness, stress anxiety; improve sleep patterns; protect from negative energies as well as stimulate the third eye and enhance dowsing, healing and prediction abilities.


    Karungali malai is a traditional prayer bead necklace crafted from ebony wood that is believed to provide multiple benefits such as wealth, good health, peace of mind and increased concentration during meditation sessions or prayer services. Additionally, this traditional malai is said to protect against evil eyes such as nazar or drishti while lessening the impact of Mars planet in one’s horoscope, improve memory retention as well as increase success for entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

    Authentic Karungali malais are distinguished by their black hue and smooth surface finish. You can test their authenticity by submerging them for 24 hours in water; an authentic malai will absorb the liquid due to essential oils present within its makeup, turning dark black as a result. They are said to ward off negative energies, eliminate skin problems, ease indigestion symptoms and ease strep throat symptoms as well as aid healing, divination or prediction services such as Tarot Card experts.

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