Original Karungali Thayathu


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  • Made From Original Karungali Wood.
  • Wood Size – 4CM
  • Unpolished Natural Finish
  • Can be worn by both men & women.
  • கருங்காலி தாயத்து 4CM
  • Net Weight: 2 GRAM
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    Karungali Thayathu Unpolished

    Karungali thayathu wood is also a highly spiritual grounding and concentration wood, which provides more focus during meditation sessions and helps you reach your goals more quickly. When placed into water, it quickly sinks downward. Regardless of its natural blackish, brownish, or chocolaty color, this natural unpolished piece features no artificial colors or polishing.

    Expolre Our Karungali wood

    Karungali wood (ebony wood) is an exceptionally dense and durable species known for its incredible density. Renowned for its mysterious powers, this magical material attracts electromagnetic radiation waves naturally – something it also helps with in terms of mitigating malefic effects of Mars in one’s horoscope, worshipping family deities known as Kula Devim as well as healing various ailments like leprosy, ringworm, coughs, and diabetes.

    Wearing an ebony wood mala is believed to help shield us from evil eyes, drishti, and other forms of negative energy. Furthermore, it helps increase concentration and focus, helping us reach our goals faster in life.

    Wearing a mala made of karungali will boost your self-confidence and ignite passion and creativity, as well as increase vakku siddhi (the power of telling miraculous words that occur), which is vital for business success. Dedicating worship to this talisman will further amplify its effects. Adding one in your office or business space may bring good health and wealth for all concerned; worshipping it can increase vakku siddhi (telling miracle words that happen), helping increase vakku siddhi which will increase vakku siddhi (power of telling miracle words that occur), further aiding success with business ventures.

    How To Use Karungali Thayathu?

    Karungali is an effective devotional material with multiple properties. It promotes spiritual well-being, mitigates Mars’ malefic effects on one’s horoscope, and can be used to invoke and worship the family deity Kula Deivam. Furthermore, this unique devotional material has medicinal uses that include treating leprosy, ringworm, coughs, and asthma symptoms.

    On Tuesdays, it is advised to wear and keep Karungali Thayathu near Murugan or Vaarahi Amman temples or homes to achieve maximum results. Doing this also protects from evil eyes, drishti, and bad energies while invoking strength, willpower, passion, creativity, and determination within oneself.

    Karungali Thayathu Protect from Evil Eye

    The Karungali tree is revered and highly regarded, and it is known for its numerous extraordinary properties that range from devotional to medicinal to miraculous. It can be used in temple gopurams, idols, statues, and sticks made of wood. Astrologically speaking, Karungali serves as a protective tree against planet Mars’ negative repercussions; those experiencing adverse impacts from Mars should wear Karungali products to experience relief from adverse horoscope effects from planet Mars.

    This unpolished stick made of original karungali (black ebony wood) provides immense medicinal and purification benefits as well as protection from evil eye and nazar. You can soak this stick overnight in water before drinking on an empty stomach to treat stomach-related problems, lower blood pressure and diabetes levels, and aid digestion.

    Students and learners can utilize this talisman to strengthen their memory and intellectual capabilities for improved academic performance. Business people can use it to increase business development and profits. Job seekers and employees can use it to find good jobs quickly while protecting themselves from negative energies such as drishti, witchcraft, or black magic.

    Karungali Thayathu Usage

    Powerful ebony trees are drawn to electromagnetic radiation by nature.

    The older you become, the more advantages this tree—which has many medicinal qualities—offers.

    A dead tree’s trunk has a wealth of qualities. The rest of its components are also medicinal.

    This is an original karungali/Ebony wood with an outer cap/pendant suitable for both men and women. Provision has been given at the top for wearing it on chains.

    We did silver plating over the surface of the pendant, which might have color differences after use.

    We recommend using the product regularly.

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