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  • 7 Chakara: 1 each of Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian, Black Obsidian natural stone bead
  • Country of Origin: India
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    This bracelet’s 7 chakra stones will align and balance the energy centers of your body, from Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli for emotional healing and self-awareness to Tiger’s Eye which promotes courage and confidence.

    Constant cleansing and charging is recommended. Simply submerge it under running water for several minutes while visualizing it cleansing away any negative energies from it.


    Amethyst is widely renowned as the stone of spiritual protection. This gemstone purifies both heart and mind while healing emotional wounds in a holistic fashion, making it an excellent meditation stone to increase our awareness of spiritual truth and universal love. Lucid dreaming can help us interpret dreams more readily while its tranquilizing properties may bring peace and serenity during sleep, banishing nightmares or insomnia altogether.

    This chakra bracelet serves as an effective protection crystal, serving to deflect negative energies such as psychic attacks or geopathic stress. It helps release fear and anxiety while rebalancing the heart chakra – known for helping grief work, providing courage when confronting challenges, as well as creating a deeper sense of spiritual well-being with angels or other realms.

    To cleanse a chakra crystal bracelet, hold it near a smudge stick of sage or palo santo and rub the stick gently across each stone until all are cleared. For additional benefit, leave your bracelet out under sunlight or moonlight for charging purposes – both can help bring new energy into each stone and charge it up with fresh energy.


    Lapis lazuli, with its golden and deep blue hues, is one of the world’s most beloved gemstones. Long revered for its metaphysical powers and healing properties, this mystical stone has long been sought out as an aid in spiritual awareness and intuition development. Additionally, Lapis lazuli helps clear both Throat Chakras – essential components to honest communication and self-expression – as well as Third Eye Chakra stimulation.

    Crystals can be an extremely effective form of emotional healing, alleviating stress and anxiety while encouraging self-love and acceptance. Furthermore, crystals encourage openness and honesty which enables one to let go of negative beliefs that limit potential.

    As the Stone of Wisdom, lapis lazuli expands your consciousness by connecting you with your Higher Self and spiritual guidance. When combined with Amethyst as well as Green Aventurine aligning with the Heart Chakra for increased meditation and enlightenment, lapis lazuli becomes even more effective at connecting you to unconditional love and compassion from within your Higher Self and spiritual guidance. Sodalite also enhances intellectual activity while improving observation skills while soothing oversensitivity issues.


    Aquamarine, associated with the throat chakra, is thought to be a stone of truth and courage. It has also been associated with possessing shamanic energies which promote self-expression while aiding spiritual clarity. Aquamarine may help clear away painful memories as well as provide soothing energies that ease anxiety. Furthermore, it may assist with fear release while soothing any associated phobias.

    Aquamarine embodies the soothing energy of the sea and brings peace and healing to body, mind, and soul. As its name implies, aquamarine symbolizes good health, love, hope, and courage – qualities which make it an excellent aid when facing challenging situations in career and personal life. Furthermore, meditation with aquamarine stones may facilitate clear communication.

    At 22Jewelry, we carry an array of gemstone jewelry that taps into aquamarine’s deep spiritual meaning of clarity and communication. Choose from necklaces, pendant earrings, rings and more made with aquamarine gemstones to connect with your guardian angels and advance your soul’s journey.


    Chakra energy connects us to the universe, giving us power over our lives and giving us control. This bracelet features stones chosen to reflect and support the sacred energy centers within us; natural Peruvian gemstones and shells set into sterling silver band provide this shimmering piece.

    Rose Quartz honors Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty (known in Rome as Venus). This stone promotes self-love and healing of heart chakra wounds while soothing kidneys, adrenals, thymus gland and lung problems. Yoni eggs use it to strengthen pelvic muscles while encouraging sexual energy health.

    Recharge and unblock your seven chakras with this breathtaking bracelet, featuring beautiful gemstones to promote an uninterrupted and harmonious flow of energy through them, revitalizing spiritual wellbeing.


    Citrine crystal is known for its vibrant yellow-to-golden hues that evoke sunny summer days, said to promote joy, vitality and an optimistic approach to life. As well as being an extremely effective wealth magnet (hence its nickname of Merchant’s Stone), citrine helps balance emotions while encouraging optimism and self-confidence – as well as helping release fears or phobias at deeper levels within oneself.

    Crystalline Quartz is said to open both solar plexus and third eye chakras up to new insights and intuition, improving communication, relationships and intellect. It can help those struggling with fears or depression feel calmer. Like Iolite, this crystal can also help those suffering respiratory conditions or concentration difficulties focus on breathing better while serving as a natural stress reliever and stimulating heart and circulatory systems – great additions when used alongside mindfulness practices to foster peace and well-being.


    Carnelian is an energetic stone, stimulating enthusiasm and passion in those around it. An ideal choice for those feeling lethargic or unmotivated, Carnelian helps one re-energise physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their being – this gemstone has also earned itself the moniker “Singer’s Stone,” as it helps timid speakers raise their voices with greater ease and gain confidence when speaking publicly.

    Folklore has long associated carnelian with good fortune and luck. Ancient Egyptians believed it helped them connect to their soul’s journey after death, making carnelian an excellent choice as a lucky stone.

    Orange gemstones provide natural sources of warmth that help increase metabolism, enhance immunity, ward off anxiety and depression and restore grounding and stability for those suffering from anxiety or depression. Their connection with Root Chakra offers additional grounding support. Orange gems can also help strengthen relationships by increasing love, loyalty and gratitude – as well as release anger or frustration – promoting self-love as well as spiritual awakening and growth.


    Black Obsidian is an effective protective stone, offering shelter from negative energies while simultaneously helping you face your inner truths and face your inner fears. Additionally, this stone offers strength in times of weakness or fearfulness.

    Catherine Design NYC has created this bracelet which includes seven chakra colors on one strand – amethyst, iolite, citrine, peridot, garnet and blue topaz are included here – each stone having different healing properties; making this bracelet the ideal starting point when searching for gemstone chakra bracelets that suit you personally.

    When shopping for a chakra bracelet, look for one made with real crystal beads rather than cheaper plastic versions. Furthermore, its stones should feel cool to touch – you can test this by touching them with your fingertips to determine if they feel colder to the touch – this will let you know whether or not the bracelet is genuine and serving its intended purpose. Furthermore, holding it under cool water for cleansing purposes may help remove any negative energy present within it.


    Clear Quartz, known as the Master Healer, opens blocked energy pathways in the body and promotes balance when worn or held in your hand. It has also been believed to amplify intentions and energies. Wear this stone while meditating for increased mental clarity and spiritual insight as well as strengthening intuition by connecting you with your higher self and spirit guides.

    Cool and bright with positive vibrations, this lovely crystal is an oasis of positivity and joy. It stimulates positive feelings, boosts immunity and can bring fresh meaning into your life. It is linked with the Crown Chakra to promote spiritual growth by clearing away blockages in your aura – just make sure it gets regularly cleansed with warm water to avoid energy absorption! With natural facets and transparent transparency this gem sparkles like one of those sparkling lakes its name comes from.

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