7 Chakra Bracelet Natural Stone Bracelet (8mm)


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7 Chakra Elastic Bracelet. Premium Quality Crystal Beads. Ready to wear, T&C- this product is certified and pre-charged. the physical certificate will not be included with your purchase.

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    How to maintain the crystal accessories?

    It’s considerably simpler than you might believe to maintain your crystal. It merely needs basic common sense and a little bit of attention to maintenance; it doesn’t need silk gloves or any other ostentatious caregivers.

        • Ensure that your crystals are always charged and clean. To keep them clear, they must be cleaned every few weeks.
        • Refrain from lending your crystal to anyone. You are free to use it.
        • Refrain from using any chemicals of any kind, such as when bathing, applying perfumes, or cleaning clothes or utensils, as this could irreversibly harm the crystal’s surface.
        • Put your crystal away safely in your yard if it is shattered or damaged. A good spot may be close to trees or plants.

    Chakra bracelets are jewelry pieces designed to promote spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. By featuring crystals and gemstones connected to each chakra on them, they may enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

    Many chakra bracelets feature stones like lava rock or black onyx to act as the grounding element and offer protection.

    What are 7 Chakra Bracelets?

    7 Chakra Bracelets are designed to balance and align the seven chakras, leading to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Containing crystals and stones to correspond to each of the seven energy centers – Root, Sacral Plexus, Heart Throat Third Eye Crown – the bracelets contain color-coordinated crystals for each energy center in an intentional order of color representations for optimal balance.

    Mens silver bracelets with Chrysanthemum stones in the Root Chakra can help increase aspirations, enhance energy and stamina, and foster inner strength. Green Jasper gemstones found at Heart Chakra bracelet are known for fostering love and forgiveness while the silver spacer design central to mens stainless steel bracelets further elevate their sophistication.

    Citrine, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Quartz, Coral, Calcite Mookaite Sunstone Jasper are among the yellow crystals associated with personal power and confidence, found in the Solar Plexus chakra. Also found here are blue stones such as Turquoise Sodalite Aquamarine Chrysoprase Chalcedony Amazonite that promote communication truth as well as Spirituality through Amethyst which unifies body mind spirit connection.

    The Meaning of Each Chakra

    Chakras are energy points located throughout the body that link with spiritual and mental functions, often associated with crystals or gemstones. Wearing a 7 Chakra Bracelet can help facilitate positive energy in both mind and body.

    The Sacral Chakra, more commonly referred to as the root chakra, symbolizes vitality and connection to nature. Bracelets featuring beads representing this chakra are frequently worn for healing rituals or wealth attraction purposes; commonly used stones include Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine Coral and Calcite.

    The Brow Chakra or Third Eye lies between your eyebrows on your forehead. When balanced properly, this chakra becomes an invaluable source of intuitive insight and psychic ability – leading to wisdom and greater self-awareness. Indigo is its color.

    The Heart Chakra (Anahata) symbolizes love and kindness, so its balance can lead to greater empathy for others. Green represents this chakra’s color.

    Benefits of Wearing a 7 Chakra Bracelet

    Add a chakra bracelet to your daily attire to bring balance and harmony into your life, complement other healing practices, or spiritual awakening rituals, as well as enhance other forms of alternative medicine such as chiropractic treatment and psychotherapy. However, beware that using alternative healing methods should never replace medical or psychological advice.

    Red is associated with grounding and stability. Wearing a bracelet featuring red stones can activate and align your root chakra and promote feelings of wellbeing and security.

    Crystals associated with the sacral chakra (orange), such as carnelian and tiger’s eye, help foster emotional healing, creativity, and vitality. Conversely, crystals associated with the heart chakra (green), promote love and forgiveness.

    Lastly, the throat chakra represented by blue encourages communication and self-expression. Bracelets featuring amethyst or agate stones known to enhance these processes such as amethyst or agate are said to aid communication, self-expression, clarity of thought, as well as healing issues that affect the throat. Furthermore, wearing blue colored chakra bracelets may boost immunity, memory retention, relaxation and focus while helping you focus.

    How to Use a 7 Chakra Bracelet?

    Many people find that using a chakra bracelet can help them find balance and promote well-being. Crafted with semi-precious gemstones representing each of the seven chakras found within our bodies, these bracelets can serve as tools for meditation as well as other spiritual practices to bring positive energy into one’s life.

    Popular stones for the Root Chakra include Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Hematite and Lava Rock; these crystals are believed to provide grounding, stability, protection and courage.

    The Sacral Chakra is associated with emotions, self-love, relationships and abundance. Citrine, Carnelian Tiger’s Eye and Calcite crystals have long been used as an aid to create feelings of joy, abundance and happiness in its wearers.

    The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with personal power and success. Common crystals found here include citrine, topaz, yellow sapphires, amber and Mookaite which may help promote luck, mental clarity and healing.

    The Crown Chakra is associated with divination, spiritual guidance and enlightenment. Bracelets containing this chakra typically feature crystals like Azurite, Tanzanite Apatite Sapphire Dumortierite Lapis Lazuli to boost intuition clairvoyance premonition fortune telling and angelic communication.

    Choosing the Right 7 Chakra Bracelet for You

    A chakra bracelet consists of seven stones that work in concert to balance and heal each energy center in your body. Each stone represents its own color and has specific properties to help enhance physical and emotional wellbeing; for instance, red jasper can stimulate Root Chakra stimulation while Tiger Eye balances Sacral Chakra activation.

    The Heart Chakra is represented by green jasper. This crystal opens aspirations pathways while increasing energy and stamina levels to optimize overall well-being and stamina; additionally, it can help decrease anxiety levels and toxicity levels. In turn, the Throat Chakra features blue crystals such as Chrysoprase, Amazonite Aquamarine or Blue Lace Agate to develop communication skills, self-confidence and loyalty within oneself and others.

    The Third Eye Chakra is represented by indigo crystals such as apatite, azurite, sapphire and dumortierite; these crystals help develop intuition, psychic abilities, clairvoyance and premonition. Violet beads symbolized by the Crown Chakra are associated with inner knowledge, enlightenment, higher powers, astral travel, karmic healing as well as personal transformation and personal empowerment. You can wear a chakra healing bracelet during meditation, yoga practice, Reiki treatments or spiritual practices to improve both mental and physical wellbeing.

    7 Chakra Bracelets and Astrology

    7 Chakra Bracelets can help balance chakras while unblocking one’s energy and creating positive emotions, as well as attract wealth, health, and happiness into one’s life.

    These bracelets typically include crystal beads for each of the seven chakra colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue/indigo/violet and purple). Each stone used in the bracelets has healing properties – often including amethyst, rose quartz and citrine gemstones as well as detoxifying materials like lava stone.

    The Sacral chakra, located below your belly button, represents feelings of self-worth and creativity as well as sensuality and sexuality. Represented by orange hue, any blockages can result in low self-esteem or lower back pain; once balanced this chakra can lead to feelings of love and happiness along with creativity and sexual desire – hence why its symbolism often coincides with red jasper.

    Scientific Perspectives on 7 Chakra Bracelets

    Many people use chakra bracelets as part of a holistic healing regimen, believing they can balance and align the 7 chakras, thus improving physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Bracelets typically feature gemstones or crystals corresponding with specific chakras – including red jasper, orange calcite, yellow aventurine, green agate with blue lace agate edges (known as blue lace agate), sodalite or amethyst to name just some examples).

    Chakra stones have long been revered for their metaphysical benefits. Chakra stones may promote mental and emotional equilibrium, boost self-esteem, reduce stress and anxiety levels and enhance communication levels – as well as amplifying creativity, sixth sense, inner strength, creativity and senses.

    To get the most from your chakra bracelet, it should be regularly cleansed and recharged. One method is smudging with palo santo or white sage smoke while passing your bracelet several times through it; another approach would be leaving it under sunlight or moonlight for several hours to recharge itself; or you can soak your bracelet in water, visualizing any negative energy leaving the bracelet.

    Myths and Misconceptions about 7 Chakra Bracelets

    Chakra bracelets are popular new-age products touted to maintain the chakras (energy centers). They typically contain crystals or gemstones representing each of the seven major chakras: Root, Sacral Plexus, Heart Throat Third Eye Crown. Each color associated with these crystals has been linked with specific physical and emotional health benefits.

    When purchasing a chakra bracelet, it is essential that it contains all the appropriate beads for each chakra. Be sure to look for red jasper, carnelian, citrine, green aventurine, sodalite and lapidary or amethyst beads along with black ones – real crystals will feel slightly cooler underfoot while plastic beads can warm your fingers up considerably! Additionally, real stones feel slightly cooler to the touch than plastic ones which tend to warm over time.

    Chakra bracelets can help promote both physical and emotional well-being by increasing energy levels, improving creativity, intuition and connecting more closely with higher consciousness. In addition, chakra bracelets may aid healing deep-seated sorrows while also bringing prosperity, wealth and happiness into one’s life.

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