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Material type: Crystal Stone
Size: 8 mm
Gem type: Tiger Eye & 7 Chakara
Item type: Bracelets
Chain type: Bead Chain

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    Tiger Eye is an extraordinary stone for alleviating fear and instilling courage in our daily lives, as well as for accessing and developing physical abilities.

    Balance of the solar plexus chakra can increase self-confidence and motivation while shifting energetic blocks and stimulating clear decision making processes.

    Description of the Tiger Eye stone

    Tiger Eye is an exquisite stone that brings balance and protection to its wearers. Known for its emotional healing properties, it helps people remain strong and focused in both personal and professional environments. Furthermore, its energy can boost solar plexus chakras for stronger self-confidence and an improved sense of stability; additionally it may fortify blood and improve physical wellness by increasing metabolism or balancing one’s endocrine system.

    Tiger eye gemstone is often associated with Leo and Capricorn zodiac signs because it strengthens their charm, willpower and leadership qualities. Additionally, its healing powers may assist with relieving anxiety by providing clarity that allows individuals to make better decisions without their emotions clouding judgment. Furthermore, it opens the third eye chakra associated with spiritual intuition, while simultaneously improving mental stamina, curiosity and intellectual capacity. Other physical benefits may include relieving pain, improving eyesight and aiding digestion – in addition to its reputation of bringing prosperity and abundance upon its wearer!

    Benefits of Tiger Eye

    Tiger eye provides strength and courage to those who wear it, healing emotional wounds while strengthening self-confidence to face challenges head-on. It also reduces fears and anxieties, opening one up to embrace love with open hearts – an invaluable aid for healing relationships of both personal and professional nature.

    Physically, Tiger Eye strengthens the eyes, throat, and reproductive organs while revitalizing and revitalizing the entire body, combating lethargy and fatigue while speeding up metabolism to promote vitality and alleviating pain relief for broken bones.

    Tiger Eye stones can help shield homes or offices from negative energy, ensuring a better experience. Placing one at the entrance will protect it, while having one in the living room promotes balance and harmony among family members. Keeping one near a window can also protect from outside forces; placing one by your bed can protect from intruders; while one kept in your bedroom can promote balance among family members and encourage harmony within families. They may be particularly effective against depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD); additionally, its stimulating properties ensure individuals maintain focus in their work environment.

    Origins and historical use of Tiger Eye

    Tiger Eye gemstone is widely acclaimed for its protective and grounding properties, mesmerizing brown hues with distinct chatoyancy, as well as its mesmerizing chatoyancy effect. Additionally, this gemstone’s special properties help increase clarity and focus, building courage, confidence and sense of purpose for those it enchants.

    Roman soldiers believed that wearing an engraved Tiger Eye would protect them in battle and provide strength and courage equivalent to that of an actual tiger. Furthermore, this stone also brought good fortune while shielding them against curses or any form of misfortune.

    Modern medicine often utilizes Quartz crystals as healing crystals and they are especially helpful to Leos and Capricorns. Quartz can also aid manifesting intentions by clearing away mental roadblocks and encouraging determination and focus. Learn to harness this fascinating gem’s full potential by researching its correlations to zodiac signs, chakras, and notable properties – it may balance root plexus and solar plexus chakras and give confidence when staying grounded or feeling empowered about yourself!

    Best practices for wearing the bracelet

    Tiger Eye is an effective stone, but it will only work effectively with positive energy and intention from within you. By working in harmony with yourself and using its energy to overcome fear, gain confidence, and manifest goals, it can help overcome anxiety. Furthermore, its healing powers help change perspective to recognize that no matter how challenging your road to success may seem in the short term; things will work out for the greater good over time.

    Additionally, this stone helps build physical strength and endurance while healing broken bones and supporting overall yin yang balance in the body. Furthermore, it can aid in treating depression while increasing emotional balance to build stronger relationships.

    Feng shui experts believe Tiger Eye stone brings wealth and prosperity into home and office environments. By adding it into your living and working space, it helps overcome financial blocks to reach your goals more easily. You could even place it near doorsways to attract good luck or break through any barriers to progress that may be present. Using it during meditation and spiritual practices also serves to improve focus while strengthening connection to self.

    bracelet with meditation and yoga practices

    Tiger Eye stones are said to help people become more grounded and centered, providing courage, confidence, and clear thinking – especially useful when making business decisions.

    Tiger Eye stone is widely believed to boost communication skills, which can have major advantages in relationships. Furthermore, this stone may help heal reproductive organs and prevent infertility while speeding up healing for broken bones by increasing blood circulation and speeding healing processes.

    Tiger Eye bracelets should ideally be worn on your left wrist, which is considered your receptive hand, to get maximum benefits from it. Wearing one helps align the sacral chakra and activate creativity and sexuality; wearing it alongside crystals that boost wealth like citrine, pyrite and malachite can also bring additional advantages. Some believe tiger eye can even help counteract Ketu/Venus combinations which are harmful and bring negativity into life; using the bracelet could offer protection from this potentially negative energy while drawing positivity into life!

    Comparison with other types of Chakra jewelry

    Tiger Eye gemstone has long been considered a powerful amulet to dispel fear, provide protection and foster positive changes into everyday life. Also dubbed as the ‘Shapeshifter’ due to its golden bands, flecks of sand, smudges of inky black and brown colors, and deep golden hues – Tiger Eye stone encourages individuals to embrace their inner strength and personal willpower through its power of transformation.

    Know to strengthen courage and build self-confidence, it can also help shift perspectives in challenging situations so that they’re met with courage and belief in your ability to handle whatever life may bring your way. Known as a spiritual amplifier, it may help open pathways between your third eye chakra and higher consciousness for greater connectivity and spiritual expansion.

    Energy healer Kalisa Augustine believes it can balance and recharge all seven chakras, especially root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. According to Augustine, it may especially benefit those experiencing financial difficulty by creating security in your financial situation and increasing wealth and abundance into their life.

    Occasions to gift a Tiger Eye with 7 Chakra

    Tiger Eye stones have long been associated with both solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra, offering courage, personal power and vitality benefits while simultaneously relieving fear and increasing libido. Furthermore, some believe tiger eyes can also ward off curses or any negative energies from harming one’s health.

    Tiger Eye gemstones are believed to bring good luck and financial success, helping individuals remain grounded during difficult times. Additionally, carrying one can give an extra boost of self-confidence or courage when striving to pursue your goals.

    Add the tiger eye to your home space to promote Feng Shui harmony and keep positive energies flowing freely through it. Incorporating it as jewelry or using it for space clearing by placing it in sunlight or using sage to smudge it can also help. In order to charge it up even further, play Tibetan bells or tuning forks near it to ensure it’s fully charged up so it can help reach spiritual goals more quickly.

    Maintenance and care for the bracelet

    Tiger Eye is an effective protective stone at dispelling toxic energies. It can clear away energetic blockages and heal long-standing emotional traumas. Furthermore, this stone serves to fortify blood, balance the endocrine system and help overcome lethargy by speeding metabolism up or increasing sexual drive – three key needs which Tiger Eye excels in providing.

    Gemini-born individuals will find Gemini Stone especially helpful, as it helps break creative blocks and foster sound decision-making processes. Furthermore, this stone promotes courage and confidence allowing individuals to face fears and insecurities head-on with boldness and conviction.

    In order to realize all of its potential, cleansing your Tiger Eye bracelet regularly is crucial. You can accomplish this by either burying it in soil overnight, connecting it to lunar energy through sound or meditation or keeping your gemstones and crystals clean – which will keep them at their most potency and ready to work their magic.

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