Original Devadaru Mala Original Cedar wood (8MM)


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Wood: Devadaru tree / Deodar Cedar / Himalayan Cedar
40 CM
36 GMS

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    Devadaru Mala – Revered For Its Natural Fragrance and Durability

    Devadaru tree (sometimes referred to as Deodar Cedar and Himalayan Cedar ) is a thick coniferous evergreen tree found across Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir Punjab Uttar Pradesh Tennessee Sikkim Southwest Nepal Tibet regions.

    Wood is easy to work with and stands up well against insects, making it an excellent choice for ships or structures exposed to the elements. Its resistance makes it ideal for creating boats.

    Product Description

    Devdar Wood Malai are prized for their spiritual significance and calming effects on both body and mind. Their natural fragrance creates an enchanting environment, filling the surrounding with purity, divinity and bliss.

    The Himalayan Cedar (Cedrus Deodara) is an ancient conifer tree prized for its beauty and rot-resistant wood. The word Deodar comes from Sanskrit words meaning divine/godly) and daru (tree). Deodar Wood mala have long been valued as part of spiritual rituals like Hawan Puja. 


    Deodar wood (Himalayan Cedar or Cedrus deodara) has long been prized in spiritual traditions. Prized for its exquisite aroma and durability, this conifer has long been used in rituals as well as magnificent structures over time. Rot-resistant and insect-proof properties ensured its use for temples, homes and ships while its fragrant scent brought back memories of age-old rituals, sages and the divine.

    Devdar (Himalayan Cedar), is an evergreen coniferous tree found at high altitudes. The word ‘Devadaru” in Sanskrit comes from its name derived from god (‘deva) and wood (daru), Devdar is widely revered due to its abundance of leaves, durability, and revered place within spiritual traditions across India.

    Himalayan Devdar wood has long been revered as a sacred material for prayer and spiritual practices due to its abundant fragrance, which purifies its surroundings while creating an aura of divinity. Additionally, its grounding energy makes it an excellent choice for meditation and yoga practices that facilitate deep meditative experiences. Furthermore, Himalayan Cedar’s powerful yet soothing effect has long been acknowledged, creating balance and calm within body and mind alike. This mala features exquisite craftsmanship from revered Himalayan Devdar wood. With 108 beads strung together on one guru bead etched with Chinese characters for auspiciousness!

    Medicinal Uses

    Deodar wood mala, more commonly known by its scientific name Cedrus deodara, has long been used for medicinal and ceremonial purposes in both Western culture and Eastern Himalayan regions. It’s one of the most utilized medicinal plants, featuring both its roots and berries; especially these blueberry-looking ones that come with this species and go well with various mediums like salve, tincture, elixirs or syrups.

    Roots and bark of Deodar Cedar trees are used as herbal medicines to treat high blood pressure, insomnia, asthma, skin infections, joint pains and microbial infections. Deodar also boasts antiseptic properties and makes an effective natural insect repellent; in Hindu culture the wood of these trees are revered symbols of strength and purity, often being associated with rituals and spiritual practices.

    Devadaru, which comes from Sanskrit words Deva-daru for god and wood respectively, refers to the tree’s sacred properties and beliefs in bestowing qualities such as virility, courage, leadership skills health fortune and wealth. Deodar is deeply interwoven into Hindu mythology as it has been referenced numerous scriptures and texts throughout its long existence.


    Deodar Cedar wood has long been utilized in temples, homes, ships, boats, bridges and furniture projects throughout India as it is both safe and durable – an indispensable feature in its use for construction purposes due to being naturally resistant to rot while taking a good polish well.

    Devadaru Malas are revered spiritual tools that create an inviting and spiritually charged atmosphere, making it perfect for meditation and prayer. Many believe they invoke celestial deities and divine energies, while their grounding energy makes an excellent partner in helping one center themselves spiritually.

    Of all the species of cedar trees, certain varieties have the capacity to add delicious smoky notes to food while others can even be toxic and should only be used if considered food-safe. It is crucial that only Cedar considered food-grade are used, otherwise you risk an unpleasant and possibly poisonous culinary experience. Furthermore, deodar cedar trees are great storage solutions as their antifungal properties prevent fungal infections – this keeps spices fresh for long! Furthermore, deodar cedar is widely used as part of Ayurveda medicines as respiratory stimulant treatments as well.

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