Original Sengali Wood Malai 6MM


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Wood: Sengali Wood
Size: 6MM
Weight: 15 GMS
Height: 30 CM

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    Original Sengali Wooden Malai

    Sengali malas are often designed with functional beads in addition to their standard 108, including three marker beads inline with the guru bead that serve as count markers when counting rounds and two short cords hanging off of their main loop that act as counters.

    Wearing this Karungali mala can increase concentration, aid meditation, and mantra chanting. Additionally, it wards off Chevvai dosham caused by Mars and can help people overcome obstacles in marriage.


    Enhance your spiritual journey with this stunning mala, made from sacred beads with immense spiritual meaning. Perfect for prayers, meditation, mindfulness practices or simply staying focused and tranquility during yoga practice – you won’t want to leave this beauty behind!

    Each bead in this mala is handcrafted from authentic karungali wood, an Sengali species known for its grounding and protective qualities. This wood’s soothing energy aids concentration and meditation sessions while also drawing positive energies to bring prosperity and success.

    This Tibetan-style mala is blessed by Hinduism as having special significance. A mala is traditionally used to count mantras and prayers; however, you can wear one every day as jewelry or bracelet. Additionally, this mala also features a special bead called a Guru Bead that helps guide meditation practices as it serves as an anchor point.

    Chevvai dosham (obstacles to marriage linked with Lord Mars in the navagraha doshas), can be effectively mitigated using this powerful healing tool. It may increase fertility, decrease menstrual issues, alleviate stress and anxiety levels, strengthen bones and immune systems, enhance memory power, enhance intellect capabilities and mental capabilities and may help with skin ailments, diabetes or any other medical challenges.


    This red Sengali mala is expertly handcrafted from high-grade sacred beads for maximum quality and craftsmanship. With an exceptional count of 108 + 1 beads that symbolizes spiritual completion and helps keep meditation and prayer focused and on track, its ideal length allows it to be worn or carried easily while its beautiful design complements any outfit effortlessly.

    Viha Online’s bewitching mala is celebrated for its remarkable benefits, such as increasing prosperity and success. Furthermore, it can bring peace and tranquility while strengthening spiritual connections – so embrace its profound energy during your daily journey with this sacred accessory from Viha Online! – Divine Craftsmanship: Each bead is expertly hand-carved from authentic Karungali wood in India to display exquisite artistry. – Harmony and Abundance: Wearing this red Sengali mala offers wealth and good health, creating an aura of abundance and well-being – Mind and Body Relaxation: These sacred beads help ease away stress and anxiety while strengthening spiritual connections to God or yourself!


    The Sengali Wood Mala is more than just an attractive decorative accessory; it can also serve as an effective tool for prayer, meditation, and mindfulness practice. Its powerful energy helps promote inner peace and self-awareness by building a bridge between you and the universe.

    Mala beads crafted from authentic Karungali wood make this sacred accessory an attractive and durable option, sure to bring good luck and prosperity in life. Crafted with care by skilled craftspeople, this sacred item boasts stunning detail and design craftsmanship.

    Bead strings can be made of silk, wool or cotton; synthetic monofilaments and cords have become increasingly popular. A short cord often attached to each bead may end with a small charm – these short cords are called adi-buddha or tassels and allow the mala to be draped over one hand while reciting mantras, particularly common among Japanese Jodo Shinshu Buddhism practitioners. Other materials used to construct malas include rattan seeds (Calamus jenkinsianus), bodhi seed (Ziziphus budhensis) and rudraksha beads.


    Mala beads are securely enclosed in cotton cloth with a velcro closure to ensure maximum protection during shipment, and each bead has been lab certified for authenticity, guaranteeing you receive the highest-quality product available. This karungali mala is perfect for anyone seeking prosperity, abundance and success as it helps foster spiritual development by increasing concentration and clarity of mind while relieving anxiety through meditation or chanting mantras – making it a wonderful present to enhance personal or professional lives!

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