Original Karungali Lord Shiva Ebony Wood Statue (2 Inches)


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Wood: Original Ebony/ Karungali
Size: 2 Inches
Height: 5 CM

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    Original Karungali Lord Shiva Ebony Wood Statue (2 Inches). Ebony wood provides a grounding and soothing energy, helping connect us to God while encouraging prosperity and abundance.

    This exquisite Lord Shiva statue is hand-carved out of quality material and represents one of the Hindu Gods, Lord Shiva – who symbolizes all fundamental principles and universal rhythms within nature – in its design.

    Product Description

    Bring the powerful energy of Lord Shiva into your life with this exquisitely carved Ebony Wood statue featuring intricate carvings of this powerful Hindu god.

    Intended to enhance meditation practices and create an idyllic ambiance in your home, this sculptured idol may help foster spiritual development, increase wealth and align life with divine blessings.

    Made of handcrafted Karungali wood (black ebony wood), this exquisite Shivalingam should be part of every devotee’s spiritual collection. Renowned for its healing properties and used in ritualistic homams to bring about prosperity in life, this is an indispensable piece.

    According to legend, placing a karungali mala in your home can help rid any diseases or illness as well as grant your wishes. Wearing this mala can also help counteract any malefic effects from planet Mars while improving your health – hence its use by those suffering from kidney stones or heart diseases.

    Place this karungali mala in your house, car, showcase etc to protect you from evil eyes. Furthermore, this Shivlingam will keep you safe during travel by absorbing negative energy and spreading positive vibes instead.

    Product Care

    This Lord Shiva statue is handcrafted from ebony wood, considered sacred in Hinduism. Ebony wood has many medicinal benefits for treating chronic illnesses and protecting from evil eyes; additionally it makes an ideal addition to homes or offices alike as it makes a wonderful decorative accent or gift for religious festivals or celebrations.

    This Ebony (Karungali) Nataraj represents the universe’s fundamental principles, illustrating its eternal rhythms and dominant powers. It depicts Lord Shiva performing his Ananda Tandava dance of bliss that brings physical and spiritual worlds together, representing his role in creation, preservation and destruction; its circle of fire represents its cycles while depicting Shiva’s role in creating, maintaining and dismantling. A raised right foot represents liberation while its left foot pushes down upon ignorance to symbolize enlightenment – making this statue an invaluable aid to understanding universal principles!

    The 108 bead karungali malai in Chennai is constructed from Diospyros genus wood (dark-colored ebony wood), an auspicious symbol of power, purity, and balance that has long been venerated as an auspicious sign. It is believed to enhance focus during meditation sessions, prayer services, mantra chanting sessions as well as improve results from other rituals; its usage can even reduce negative impacts from Mars in your horoscope and provide protection from witchcraft attacks!

    Lord Siva Ebony Wood Craft

    Crafted by our expert artisans from quality karungali powder, this exquisite Lord Shiva Ebony Wood Statue makes an eye-catching display in any home, office or vehicle and makes an excellent present for festivals and occasions. Protected against negative energies such as evil eyes and helping devotees connect their spiritual growth with universal forces, this statue ensures prosperity, health and spiritual growth for devotees while keeping away negative influences from their lives.

    The Ebony (Karungali) Nataraj symbolizes the universe’s fundamental principles and represents its cycles of creation, preservation and destruction. Devotees believe it serves to balance physical and spiritual worlds as well as promote spiritual development, personal well-being and enlightenment.

    Worship of Garuda, Vishnu’s eagle mount, is believed to help overcome obstacles and achieve success in all endeavors. Additionally, worshiping this statue reduces fear of snakes and reptiles while providing grace, courage and knowledge necessary for dealing with life’s difficult circumstances. Furthermore, worshipping this figure is said to eliminate Kaala Sarpa Dosha and Rahu Dosha for good, making this essential for Vishnu worshipers.

    Product FAQ

    Lord Shiva is one of the central deities in Hinduism and considered one of the most ascetic figures among gods, offering protection against disease and prosperity for those who worship him. This exquisite Lord Siva statue crafted out of quality wooden powder material can bring positivity and good luck into your home or office, or be given as gifts on festivals or special occasions.

    Yogic tradition holds that this Karungali Shivlingam represents both masculine and feminine energies in harmony, uniting them as one whole. Placing such an object within your meditation space may help connect you to God and facilitate enlightenment.

    Ebony wood, commonly referred to as karungali, is an invaluable natural energy source with numerous healing properties. According to ancient Hindu beliefs, it absorbs electromagnetic radiations and negative vibrations naturally while at the same time helping promote spiritual development and well-being.

    Lord Vinayagar is known as the patron deity for new ventures, poojas, and auspicious events, helping remove any obstacles in their way and ensure success with every endeavor. This Karungali Ganesha statue is highly sought-after as its presence brings luck, fortune, prosperity to devotees. Additionally, this deity serves as a protective figure to children helping them grow with good health, knowledge and grace as they reach adulthood.

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    2 Inches

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