Original Karungali With Rudraksha Mala (Ebony with Rudraksha 6MM)


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Wood: Orginal Ebony wood & Rudrakha
Size: 6MM
Weight: 13GMS

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    Original Karungali Ebony Wood With Rudraksha Mala

    Set off on an inward journey with this exquisite mala crafted from Karungali Ebony wood. This beautiful mala will help you explore and expand spiritually while maintaining focus during meditation sessions. Additionally, this mala can open the way to wealth and happiness!

    Each natural bead on this mala is finished off with a silver flower cap for added elegance and style, providing extra protection from eye draughti, witchcraft and mental fear/laziness. Wearing this mala can protect you against eye draughti and witchcraft as well as mental fears/laziness.

    108 Beads

    This mala is handcrafted with Ebony wood beads to provide you with an experience that helps keep you grounded, focused, and spiritually connected. Each bead was individually shaped to bring peace, wealth, and good fortune – our artisans put their hearts into making this piece to help you relax while getting more out of life.

    Ebony wood is known for its durability and supple texture, as well as being associated with Lord Shani (Saturn), making it the perfect material for prayer and meditation beads. This karungali mala is designed to help you overcome challenges and achieve success both personally and professionally, while mitigating malefic effects of Mars in your horoscope and supporting academic advancement, financial growth, and emotional well-being.

    A karungali mala is typically composed of 108 beads strung together on a string and connected by thread, representing in many spiritual traditions the number 108 repetitions needed to gain its benefits. Completing this collection are different-shaped beads called “guru beads”, representing spiritual guides who help connect you to Lord Shani’s energy; it comes complete with an attractive decorative tassel to mark start and end points for practice sessions, perfect for anyone wanting to improve mindfulness meditation practices as well as increase focus and concentration during prayer or chanting practices.

    100% Natural

    This mala is handcrafted from ebony wood, a dark-colored tropical hardwood. With its rich, smooth texture and classic black appearance, ebony is often chosen as prayer beads or malas due to its thought defensive properties and grounding energy that assists meditation and prayer sessions, as well as its calming properties that may help reduce stress or anxiety levels during prayerful moments. These characteristics make ebony malas suitable for individuals seeking spiritual development and mental stability.

    This mala is composed of 54 karungali beads strung together with thread, creating an elegant and durable construction. This mala contains genuine Rudraksha seeds which have been hand-picked and cleansed to ensure purity, with each bead having its own natural characteristics. Rudraksha seeds come from Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb trees found throughout India, Indonesia, Nepal and other countries – each bead has its own individual character!

    Featuring 6 mukhi Rudraksha beads that represent Lord Kartikey from Lord Shiva and are ruled by Venus (Shukra), this rosary represents Lord Kartikey from Lord Shiva as well as providing wealth and happiness for its wearer while helping overcome weaknesses or fears. Wearing 6-mukhi Rudrakshas can also reduce pitta dosha levels for peace of mind while improving memory or intellectual capabilities.


    Magizhhandicrafts designed this Karungali Mala to assist people in spiritually expanding and becoming more at peace. Crafted from Ebony wood, its beads have been carefully designed to assist with meditation by soothing your nerves. Furthermore, its 108 beads help bring wealth and health to its users.

    Each bead on your mala is unpolished for maximum effectiveness, which increases its power. Before wearing it for the first time, it’s recommended that you wash it with water and sage smoke to cleanse its energy before performing a simple puja ritual to bring good energy into it.

    The beads on this mala are handmade from black ebony wood, considered sacred in Hinduism. Ebony trees are believed to contain magical powers which protect from harmful energies – so choosing a purified and genuine mala is of utmost importance.

    This bead contains 54 Rudraksha seeds protected with wire to keep them from falling off, keeping this sacred plant growing on an Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb tree sacred and growing from within this bead. This bead can especially help those looking to increase decision-making abilities and strategic leadership while simultaneously eliminating procrastination while making full use of all available resources and opportunities.

    This mala features two-faced rudrakshas that symbolize Lord Shiva in his Ardhanarishwar form, which provide stability, prosperity and happiness to its wearer while strengthening marital bonds – this makes it particularly effective for childless couples and those experiencing issues within their marriages.

    Made in India

    Traditional prayer beads crafted from Ebony wood help connect us with the energy and power of Lord Shani, said to remove obstacles from life while providing health, wealth, peace and success. With its 108 beads strung together like a rosary for meditation or prayer practice.

    Each bead from Magizhhandicrafts has been designed to assist your spiritual development, meditation focus, and open doors of happiness and prosperity. Each one stands as a beautiful symbol of love and wealth crafted with care by Magizhhandicrafts.

    Six Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Kartikey, son of Shiva. This bracelet is ruled by Venus (Shukra), which enhances dormant energies within an individual while protecting from pitta dosha problems like financial debts, diseases and interpersonal discord.

    Two Faced Rudraksha is known as Ardhanarishwar form of Lord Shiva and Parvati. It can help bring marital happiness, stability and wealth. All couples looking for happiness in their relationships should wear one!

    Gauri Shankar Rudraksha consists of two naturally joined Rudrakshas of different mukhis, yet its powers are identical to a single mukhi Rudraksha. It can provide invaluable help for couples experiencing difficulty in their marriage as well as those looking for children. It has proven especially helpful to those experiencing difficulty during childbearing.

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    Original Karungali With Rudraksha Mala (Ebony with Rudraksha 6MM)
    Original Karungali With Rudraksha Mala (Ebony with Rudraksha 6MM)
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